Consignment of Pre-owned Jewelry Online and in Paris

The House of Miller, a Parisian authority in the realm of secondhand jewelry, invites you to discover its consignment service for preowned jewelry. Our expertise is based on a doubly enticing offer: the immediate acquisition of your luxury treasures, as well as the opportunity to present them in our virtual and physical showcases, ensuring optimal visibility for your pieces

What is consignment at Miller?

Consignment is a formula allowing owners of pre-owned jewelry to entrust their precious items to a prestigious intermediary, guaranteeing exposure to a targeted audience and the effective conclusion of the sale, all under the auspices of a fixed pricing scheme. Once the transaction is honored, you receive the payment.

The advantages of consignment with Miller

Opting for consignment of your jewels with Miller means choosing speed, security, and advantageous pricing. Our service frees you from direct interactions with potential buyers, ensuring a transaction that is both fast and secure, thanks to our expertise and loyal clientele.

Additional services and security

Selling luxury jewelry with Miller also means benefiting from unparalleled peace of mind. Our proven methods in terms of security and authentication of jewelry offer an additional guarantee for both the seller and the buyer, thus reinforcing trust and facilitating transactions

Online consignment of pre-owned jewelry: modernity signed by Miller

Our digital platform reflects our commitment to combining tradition and modernity. It offers an exceptional showcase for your jewelry, accessible to an international audience, while still preserving the possibility of an in-store experience for those who desire it. Three options are available to our clients: in-store visits, online reservations, or direct purchases on our website, thus adapting our service to current consumption habits without forsaking the charm of traditional methods.

The Miller consignment contract: transparency and fairness

Our consignment contract is designed to ensure a smooth and reassuring experience. It details essential information, such as the owner's contact details, precise description of the jewelry, selling price, and conditions of sale, affirming our commitment to respecting your interests and maximizing your satisfaction.

Why choose Miller for your consignment?

Since 1989, Maison Miller has been distinguished by its integrity, jewelry expertise, and professional ethics, becoming the trusted partner for the sale and purchase of pre-owned luxury jewelry. Our prime location in the heart of Paris, coupled with our optimized online presence, allows us to attract an ever-expanding French and international clientele. Choose Miller for an efficient, secure, and profitable sale of your second-hand luxury jewelry.