Repair and manufacturing

Our ateliers, close to the Place Vendôme, are extremely skilled. There are still great craftsmen amongst the restorers! Of course, wear and tear over time can be impossible to rectify, but thanks to our skilled craftsmen, we work hard to restore your jewellery to its original quality. A free quote will be given in advance for restoration work, polishing or mounting, or a complete examination of your jewellery.

Creation - transformation

Perhaps you have inherited a piece of jewellery whose old-fashioned setting would benefit from updating. Perhaps you would like a ring, or a necklace, and you have a very precise idea of what you want. Whether you have a definite idea of what your piece should look like, or just have a notion in mind, we will be happy to guide your thoughts and then pass them on to our ateliers who will prepare a free quote.
The French Laboratory of Gemology: 30 rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris 2nd
Tel : 01 40 26 25 45


Maybe you no longer like your pearl necklace, or perhaps it’s simply too small? You don’t have to buy another one, we can rejuvenate it! We can have necklaces restrung by one of the oldest pearl houses in Paris. Whether they are natural pearls, Japanese pearls, Chinese pearls, grey pearls from Tahiti, or white pearls from the South Seas.... Come and visit us, we will have the solution.