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Care tips

Tips for everyday life

  • The watches must be worn at least two to three times a year (over two days) to prevent the cogs from locking up because the oils have dried.
  • Do not use chemicals (including perfumes and cosmetics) on your watch. These products could attack the seal, but also discolor the watch.
  • Keep your watch away from moisture and light. Use the caskets or travel pouches to protect them.
  • It is not advisable to sleep with your watch.
  • For automatic and mechanical watches, pay attention to magnetic fields that cause disturbance in the balance, resulting in delay or acceleration of time: do not place your watch near an electronic device. To determine if your watch is magnetized, place it on a compass: if the compass needle does not find its bearings, go to Miller for a watch review!
  • Remove your watch before any activity involving shock or vibration.
  • If you need to change the date of your watch, do it in the day to avoid disrupting the date change process. Avoid the time slot between 9pm and 3am.
  • A self-winding mechanical watch does not need to be reassembled. But if it has not been worn for a few days, it must be re-armed by raising it manually.
  • A hand-wound mechanical watch must be wound up every day at a fixed time. Turn the crown until you feel a difficulty going further. Neither under pain of breaking the spring.

Cleaning the case

  • You are in possession of a waterproof watch (5 ATM or more): Check that the winding crown is not pulled out and remove the bracelet if it is not waterproof (leather or nato type). Gently rub the case with a toothbrush with soft bristles (do not force), a little soap, then rinse. Wipe and dry with a soft cloth. If the strap is waterproof (metallic or rubber), do the same.
  • You are in possession of a non-waterproof watch (below 5 ATM): First, remove the bracelet. Do not put your watch in direct contact with water. With a soft cloth, gently rub the housing to clean it. If the watch has stubborn traces, you can use a cotton swab slightly moistened in 90 ° alcohol. When finished, dry the case with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning the bracelet

  • For non-waterproof bracelets, simply rub them with a soft cloth.
  • If you need to degrease your leather bracelet, you will need to use a little clear water and soap in very small quantities. With a soft brush, rub gently by insisting on the seams. A soft cloth will be used to rinse the bracelet (so use soap only moderately). Allow to dry in the open air, not near a source of heat.
  • If you can, wear your leather strap every other day to allow body moisture to escape.
  • As a reminder, the lifetime of a leather is 6 months to 1 year. Nato, more resistant than leather, requires the same maintenance.


  • Waterproofing keeps your watch from moisture and dust.
  • Before immersing yourself with your watch, check that the winding crown of the latter is pushed and screwed. While swimming, do not touch the crown or push buttons, and then rinse your watch thoroughly with clear water.
  • If fog appears, go to Miller as soon as possible. Do not attempt to open the case by yourself, unless you are totally unable to visit a watchmaker. In this case, open if you can the case in order to let it dry.
  • Take out your watch when you shower, even if it is waterproof: the changes in temperature weaken the joint without which the waterproofing can no longer be done.
  • The waterproofness of a watch must be checked by a specialist every 3 to 4 years, or even more if it is often used in water.
Indication of leakage Meaning
Waterproof Resistant to sweat only
30 meters / 3 ATM Avoid any moist environment and any dive in the water: no shower, bath, sauna, hammam, even less bathing or diving. Only supports occasional splashing.
50 meters / 5 ATM Supports swimming in calm and fine rain. Nevertheless, it is not made for diving, nor for showers and baths (due to changes in temperature and pressure of the jet of water)
100 meters / 10 ATM Suitable for sport swimming and "small" diving in the pool.
200 meters / 20 ATM Suitable for sport swimming as well as for diving without bottle
300 meters / 30 ATM You can use it for scuba diving with bottle, diving, and sports swimming.